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Super nice breakfast! Egg muffins with veggs & yoghurt brunch feta cheese black olive dip! + one slice crispbread. šŸ“

MEGA #PLANTBASED SALAD! Full of beautiful vibrant color, antioxidants, phytonutrients and #fullyraw goodness šŸ‘šŸƒšŸŠšŸ pineapples, spinach, arugula, shredded carrots, beans, blueberries, cucumbers and clementines and grapes…I get so many skeptical comments on my fruit/veggie combo salads but they really are full of flavor and quite delicious…no dressing necessary! Hop on board the #mealsfullofcolor #vegan #rawfood revolution and see for yourself šŸ˜Š
My beautiful tiger šŸ¾


Hello beautiful and amazing #YogaPartyPeople!

In honor of our giant party this month, we all decided to throw an even larger yoga party by hosting a fun yoga challenge for you all hosted by: Cat, Chante, Rebecca, Karel, & Stef.
How to Participate
Follow your hosts & reblog this post so we know you are joining our party.
Post your photo of the day. In your post, explain how you interpreted the tag!
Tag it with #yogapartypeople. All the hosts will be tracking the tag, liking, reblogging, and LOVING all of your pictures! (:
You can tag all of us as well: #yogarian, #sunny-yogi, #bexmaddy, #yogawithkarel, and #healthyhappymotivation. (optional)
We are also on Instagram! Follow us and join the party. (optional)
We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Notice that there are a few rest days you can throw in there (like #yogitoes or #yinspiration). It is up to you! You have the freedom to play with your practice. Don’t forget to have fun, breathe, and party! We hope you enjoy the party with us! <333

We start tomorrow! You yoga party people ready for the fun?! :D